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PROPHIX heeft als missie om organisaties te helpen om efficiënter te managen. Ons team begrijpt de vele issues die uw organisatie ondervindt. Op deze pagina vindt u een aantal engelstalige white papers en artikelen die dieper ingaan op deze issues.


Aberdeeen-financial..budgeting-2009.pngFinancial Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting

New economic conditions are driving companies to become increasingly cautious about the near-term future. A focus on improving flexibility to dynamically account for change has shifted focus away from budget accuracy, putting companies at risk of falling short of shareholder expectations. This report will serve as a roadmap to efficient planning, budgeting and forecasting for improved agility, accuracy and corporate performance.

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5steps.png5 Steps to Choosing the Right BPM Suite

For you to fully take advantage of the latest, most proven BPM Suite technology, you must first understand the options available to you and then ensure you choose the right solution for your organization. This paper outlines an approach for choosing a BPM Suite - this approach will allow you to quickly cut through the marketing hype, shorten your evaluation period, and give you greater confidence in the solution you select. While speed in decision-making is not the only factor, it is critical that you do not delay the selection process too long or you will continue to fall further behind the organizations that are already reaping the rewards of BPM.

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faster-year-end-close.pngA Faster Year-End Close

Why is faster closing important? A faster close is a good indication of how well a company’s financial systems and procedures are performing. In today’s competitive market, the accounting function needs to improve existing processes and, at times, infrastructure to achieve greater efficiency and accuracy. When properly implemented, sound financial processes will improve information and deliver accurate data to decision makers throughout the entire year, and early enough to take corrective action.

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how-best-in-class-budget.pngHow the Best-in-Class, Plan, Budget and Forecast in Today's Dynamic World
At the start of 2010, prospects for the global economy remain precarious. But highly effective financial planning, budgeting, and forecasting can successfully enable decision making even in periods of unprecedented change. Dynamic financial planning enabled through five key elements - process, organization, knowledge management, technology, and performance management - can give business leaders the tools to take prompt action and emerge even stronger.

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smart-client-technology.pngSmart Client Technology: The integration of Web-based and desktop solutions

A major part of today’s technology relies on the power of the Web and related technologies, where one benefit is that it allows users to access data remotely. However, Web-based applications have their limits; for example, bandwidth consumption and high server load. The decision to utilize the best deployment technology has been an ongoing issue amongst IT decision makers—whether to deploy a web-based application (thin client) or a desktop application (a thick client). The introduction of Smart Client technology has proven that applications can utilize the best of both deployments.

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financial-consolidation.pngEssentials of Financial Consolidation Applications

Financial consolidation is growing in importance because of factors like globalization and the popularity of mergers and acquisitions. In the past, it was mainly of interest to large multinational companies that were publically traded and had sophisticated requirements, but now it is not uncommon for a mid-sized company to own several legal entities in different states or countries. Although such a company’s financial consolidation requirements may not be very complex, producing a set of consolidated accounts is a process that, done in spreadsheets, can be very time consuming and prone to error. There are now various financial consolidation solutions that can streamline and add value to existing processes and systems.

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data-rich-but-info-starved.pngAre you data rich but starving for information?

Technology has made significant promises and much of the productivity gains in the past decade can be attributed to the wide adoption of cell phones, e-mail, fax machines, and the internet. But not all technology results in wide adoption nor tangible business value by generating top line growth, bottom line profits, or improved customer satisfaction.

As more and more companies strive to do more with fewer resources, choosing the right IT solution becomes very important. Anyone that has rolled out a project or been a user of new technologies can recount numerous stories of the bumps in the road. Many executives are very sensitive to investing only in technology projects that can be linked directly to driving business results.

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